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What's the LED Display Construction Contents?

Time: 2018-03-01 14:15:20

Author: Shenzhen Xuanhualiangtu Electronic Technology Co.,


1)Power construction - place power, connect the power cable, pay special attention to the positive and negative poles of power supply.

LED display construction include following sections:

1)Power construction - place power, connect the power cable, pay special attention to the positive and negative poles of power supply.

2)Communication cable construction -layout pipeline when the LED screen and control system in different room. 

  The installation manager is responsible for supervision .

3)Foundation construction -construction according to the installation drawing .The foundation construction shall cooperate with the pipeline      construction.The installation manager is responsible for supervision .

4)Steel structure construction -construction according to the construction drawing .The installation manager is responsible for supervision .

5)Decoration and sealing ,side construction,  - construction according to the drawing and customer requirements .

6)Equipment installation, including five parts as follows:

A:Dissipation equipment installation - air conditioning equipment installation shall be the responsibility of the supplier, require electricity installation to boot refrigeration operation, namely the steady reliable fixation, outdoor condensed water discharge meet the environmental requirements.

B:LED cabinet installation  - During carrying, disassembling and fixed process, pay attention to protect cabinet.During the installation,pls adjust the cabinet according to the horizontal line ,then fixed makes sure the gap between each cabinet and cabinet luminous surface roughness 1mm.

High altitude work completes the corresponding safety facility to ensures the construction personnel safety.

C:Lighting equipment installation - lighting power supply shall not be arbitrarily to decorate, must deploy of metal or plastic pipe, lamps and lanterns decorate must not undermine the passage and installation and maintenance operations.

D:Installed power distribution box  - Installation must be solid and reliable.

E:Screen commissioning - Screen highlights and broken lights statistics - acceptance pass 




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